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Chisholm Inn & Suites

Welcome to Home away from Home on the Range.
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501 Iron Drive, Chisholm, MN.

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Mesabi Trail Inn & Suite Hotel

Minnesota's Mesabi trail is among the countries longest paved recreational trails withing through well over 100 miles of our countries natural northern splendor. Built on old railroad beds and logging or mining roads the trail is perfect for hiking, biking, inline skating and photo tourism.

Getting to the Chisholm Inn

Food, lodging, shopping, golfing, swimming and more are all easily accessible on this trail running from Grand rapids to Biwabik.

Winter activities include cross country skiing and snow-shoeing. The Chisholm Inn & Suites also participates in the Mesabi Trails reknown "Lodge-to-lodge program which provides services to transfer luggage from one location to another allowing visitors to navigate the trail while heavier luggage appears like magic at the next destination.

Some vehicles may require passes for operating on the pass and others are not permitted. Please visit the Mesabi Trail home page website for details.

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