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Chisholm Inn & Suites is located on Hwy. #169 directly across the highway from Minnesota Discovery Center. Whether on business, exploring nature or just visiting the area, we’ll be your home away from home.

501 Iron Drive, Chisholm, MN.

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Please fill in the form with your requirements and preferences along with any special requests and we'll reply with your rate and a confirmation of availability.

Please note: This form is used to request a reservation. We will honor all reservations on a first come - first served basis. If the hotel does not have the room you request available at that time, we will try to contact you and make the closest match available for you. We will contact you within one business day to confirm availability and make preparations to hold the room in your name.

Please use this form to request a reservation for rooms. We check for requests daily and will confirm your reservation promptly by email. If you require immediate service, please call us toll 1-877-255-3156 or 218-254-2000.

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