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Chisholm Inn & Suites

Welcome to Home away from Home on the Range.
Be prepared – deluxe breakfast included, nice rooms, great service.
501 Iron Drive, Chisholm, MN.

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Hunting trips in the Minnesota Iron Range

Whether you’re hunting ducks or deer, the Chisholm Inn & Suites is the ideal place to hang your hat. Start your morning off right with a tasty, hot breakfast. At the end of the day, come on back and relax in the hot tub, sleep in a quiet, comfortable room, and start again the next morning.

Chisholm is surrounded by wilderness and offers many trails to hunt pheasants, grouse, partridge, and rabbits. Take advantage of large game like deer, moose and bear. Stop by our front desk if you would like information on guide services or sporting goods stores. Your next trophy is waiting for you on the Iron Range!

Check out the following list of wild game the Chisholm MN area is known for:

  • Deer
  • Duck
  • Bear
  • Grouse & Partridge

Have a look at nearby Fishing too!

Getting to the Chisholm Inn

We can even help connect you to local guides and sporting goods so contact us for a room and get your adventure started today!

Reserve your suite or room today and get your adventure started.